Worlwide Freight Forwarders Directory

Products, on a stand alone basis, now present limited interest in absence of guaranteed availability at any given place and any given time for any given quantity. This is where the logistic supply chain plays a major role in the reshuffling of the companies by providing greater costs benefits to their customers throught enhanced operational efficiencies. The purpose of World Cargo Index is to offer reliable transportation options to you for your shipments to/from many countries in the world. It is a reliable Directory of Freight Forwarders where you can locate the cargo companies on a map, have a precise description of their services and visit the websites of these companies.

The World Cargo Index directory is not restricted to freight forwarders only and includes also companies providing services in the scope of Logistics and Transportation like specialized webportals, sofware firms, ocean carriers and freight consultancy.

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Master Freight Worldwide

This service is an extension of World Cargo Index specifically designed for exporters, trading firms, wholesalers who need to supply purchased products throughout the world. Using of the service: simply complete an online form that is sent directly to carriers in the selected country. For example, I'm in the U.S. and I want to find the best transport offer from China or India. There are 2 options available to me. Or I do select United States and I send my request or I select either China or India and I send my demand. After only a couple of hours, you will receive several authentic proposals of choice that meet your needs.

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